Jonathan Bates

Jonathan Bates

Chairman of Hybrid Block, Current CEO & President of FinTech Diversified Holdings, Former Managing Director of JP Morgan and Senior VP at Citigroup

Jonathan Bates is Chairman of Hybrid Block, a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that provides users the fastest, most reliable tools in order to benefit their holdings. HybridBlock benefits from Jonathan’s deep understanding of regulatory, government oversight, financial technology, and big bank initiatives to pave the way for a new trading and digital asset management opportunity. Having spent 25 years in the financial industry as Managing Director at JP Morgan and previously served as senior Vice President at Citigroup. His successful career extends further with prior work as director at Barclays investment bank, and Smith Barney focusing on wealth management, and institutional sales. Jonathan has a deep understanding of institutional trading environments and multi-asset portfolios. Jonathan Bates is CEO and President of FinTech Diversified Holdings, a multi-company business with ownership interests in Blockchain and Digital Currency Asset Management, Investment Banking, and ICO Advisory.

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